Harlingen School of Health Professions


Frequently Asked Questions



Why Harlingen School of Health Professions? 


Being a health care professional takes special academic preparation and HCISD wants to ensure that their students are properly prepared for college courses. Harlingen School of Health Professions is designed to provide the academic rigor to prepare students to succeed in future medical training.


Where is Harlingen School of Health Professions located?

The campus is located at 2302 North 21st Street and sits across from the Memorial Middle School campus. Harlingen School of Health Professions is strategically situated in Harlingen to easily access the city’s medical facilities off Loop 499.


How will parents and students learn more about Harlingen School of Health Professions?

Please call (956)430-4078 for more information.  For the latest information, check the website.

What areas of health care will students have an opportunity to study?

Students will have the opportunity to study Pharmacology/Biomedical Technology, Dental Science, Patient Care, Medical Science Research, Sports Medicine Therapeutic Services, and Surgical Procedures.


What is meant by the 13th year?


 The 13th year is the culmination of the preparation that students will experience as they continue their post-secondary education in the years preceding high school.  Areas that will be addressed will include developing a keen sense of self-awareness, exposure and experiences in the Schools of Study, tenacity with AP level coursework, establishing a commitment to community, and enhancing interpersonal skills.  



How will UIL academic, art and athletic programs work for students enrolled at HSHP?*


Students will be provided access to all HCISD fine arts and athletic programs as their coursework and the specialized programming allows.   



If a student is interested in a medical career that is not offered in a school of study, is this the school for him/her?

The focus of Harlingen School of Health Professions is to prepare students for medical careers. The skills acquired in our schools of study overlap into other professions that may not be included in the schools of study offered. The school’s main objective is high academic rigor for all students.


Pre-registration is starting at my student's campus but they are interested in attending Harlingen School of Health Professions.  What should he/she do? 

We suggest 7th graders that are interested in attending Harlingen School of Health Professions also complete the pre-registration process for the 8th grade to secure classes in case they are not accepted to HSHP.


How does a student apply to be considered for selection to Harlingen School of Health Professions?

Interested students should complete the district’s pre-registration application and select to be considered for a specialty school.



What criteria are used to determine eligibility for selection to Harlingen School of Health Professions?

HSHP criteria are based on academics, attendance, assessments, and discipline. 


Is the matrix scale weighted? Will students with higher grades have more opportunities for acceptance?   

The admission’s matrix is designed for the purpose of identifying eligible students. All eligible students will have an equal opportunity for acceptance.


If an applicant has an excessive amount of absences based on a special circumstance, does that affect his eligibility?  

Any exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.


Can migrant students apply?                                                                                                                                                                

Yes, all students are welcome to apply to HSHP.



Where can an applicant inquire if they are in the top 2% for automatic acceptance?                         


HSHP will generate a report on ranking for every student that applies.   Students will be notified by mail if they qualify for automatic admission.   Middle Schools do not release this information.



Once the top 2% applicants have been identified, is acceptance strictly based on a lottery system?


Yes, students will receive an “offer” of acceptance to HSHP according to the lottery order. 



If a student declines their “offer” of acceptance, will other students be eligible for those slots?


Yes, eligible students will be placed on a wait list and provided an opportunity to attend based on their order in the lottery. 



If a student is already accepted to another school of choice, will the time frame to accept interfere with admission to HSHP?


No, a student will always have the option to decline any previous acceptance. 



Will HSHP be accepting students from outside the district?


Students from outside the district are now able to apply to HSHP through the pre-registration process.  Interested students should select to be considered for a specialty school while completing the district’s pre-registration application.



Will students need to reapply every year based on their academic standing?


Once a student is accepted to HSHP, they will not have to reapply. 



If a student is accepted to HSHP, do they have to remain at the campus until they graduate?


No, a student may transfer back to their zoned high school. The student and parents should consult with their counselor regarding any GPA implications prior to the transfer.



Can a student reapply in 9th grade if she was not chosen in 8th grade?


Yes, students can reapply. 



What will my student's schedule look like if he/she attends HSHP?


 Student schedules will have Math, English, Science and Social Studies along with electives to meet state requirements.  All course work is designed for college preparedness and will be at the AP level.    



Will courses at HSHP be offered to provide opportunities for college credit and/or associate degrees?


HSHP offers students an opportunity to begin college course work via UTRGV dual enrollment and/or AP course work.




When will a list of courses for accepted HSHP students be available?


Upon acceptance, a personal graduation plan will be developed for each student outlining the course of study applicable to their school of study.



Will there be programs to service GT students?


Yes, GT students are serviced through the PreAP/AP Program, and coursework at HSHP will be focused on college preparation.


Will tutoring or help groups be available for students attending HSHP?

Services to address the individual needs of HSHP students will be available. 


If students are currently enrolled in a specialized summer program, how will that affect their credits at HSHP?


The situation would be reviewed on an individual basis.


What is the dress code at HSHP? 

HSHP will follow district guidelines for dress code.  



 * Please contact HCISD Athletics Office for complete UIL eligibility information at (956) 430-9760.