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Campus History

 Harlingen School of Health ProfessionsHSHP campus - front
In the fall of 2014, HCISD opened its School of Health Professions, located near Memorial Middle School on Rio Hondo Road. The new campus features a curriculum geared towards placing students on career paths for medical professions, including doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. The school will serve 500-600 students in proposed grades 8 - 12. To narrow their medical focus, students will have the opportunity to choose from one of six areas of medicine to study.
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Campus Highlights
HSHP offers 6 schools of study for students to choose from: Dental Science, Patient Care, Surgical Procedures, Pharmacology/Biomedical Technology, Medical Science, and Sports Medicine/Therapeutic Services.

We are a school of choice with a 13th year focus on ensuring our students are exposed to a rigorous curriculum that will develop 21st century skills to ensure college and career readiness.

There are strong medical community partnerships with local hospitals, pharmacies, and health care facilities to build a network of professional advisors for students.

Our dedicated staff works with students in specialized classrooms catered to each medically focused school of choice, offering a unique, hands-on approach to learning.

Each classroom is infused with technology that encourages collaboration aligned with preparation for the medical industry and provides experiences that will place our students at the front of the line!